Block 10, Block 20 Do not disturb


Last month, I received a call from a call-center from Bengaluru, asking if I am interested in loan. I disconnected, again I received a call from different number, asking if I am interested on loans. I have mentioned them, that I was registered with DND they should not call me. Then call center agent told me that, that is her duty to call their prospective customers. I said, that is illegal, even though the customer received a call after registering with DND 1909.

Admittingly she has good spellbound and not ready to hear my voice and raised her voice and said doing her duty is not illegal. Recently Government of India, introducing penalising such companies., under UCC (Unwanted Commercial communication). Censoring registered and un-registered telemarketers. Disconnection will take place, if telemarketer tried calling for 3 months or 50 registered cases with the following format.

For registering the complaint through SMS, the subscriber should forward the SMS to 1909 in the following format: The UCC, XXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy where XXXXXXXXXX is the telephone number or header of the UCC.

DND 1909 updated their codes, with Category of blocking and Category of timings, 

Below is the timing Category.

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