Introduction to XenApp 6.5 Architecture

XenApp Server Delivers Applications Which are Hosted and Streamed on the XenApp Server and Delivered to the end user Device on Demand. XenApp Server are Configured with One of Two Server Roles, Session Host only or Controller. XenApp Server which are Configured as a Session Host only and only Deliver the Applications to the end user Device. Servers which are Configured as a Controller that Provides the Application to the end user Device and also take the part in the Election of data Collector and Hosting Diagonal Proper Data Store Data Store stores information about the file configuration information, published application information, server configuration, farm management security, printer configuration, license server name and port number. Data is stored maybe in a Microsoft SQL server or Oracle which we are using in the environment and we can create the new data collector. Data collector stores the dynamic information off the each XenApp server in the zone.
It stores information of server load in the zone. Every server has how much load ? Server status, like which server is online and offline. Published application information and connected and disconnected sessions License Server License server check out the license whenever user access the application from the XenApp server. Web Interface server. Users access the application by receiver or web browser with the help of web interface. Worker group Worker group is for easy administration with the help of worker group we can publish and apply the policy on multiple XenApp server at a time. Like an example over network there are three XenApp servers and we want to publish that Notepad on these three servers. Just add three server in the worker group and publish the application on the worker group. That is automatically published on each XenApp server which are present in this worker group. Zone. Zone is a collection of server geographically. In a farm, may be one zone or may be multiple zone can be present. I tell you about the roles of the XenApp service session host only in a controller the roles XenApp server can host sessions. The server which have session host only or a controller that provides the application to the end user device. 

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