Beautiful shots by Cricketers - Top 10

The below list as per my own views, not listed with any ratings

10. David Warner

He is the winner of beautiful beast shots

9. Nathan Astle

Classic and aggressive batsman, most underrated cricketer of modern cricket,

8. Soumya Sarkar

Feast for your eyes, if you want to see complete shot, its a gift of Soumya Sarkar's shot

7. Sanath Jayasurya

Man who changed the blade of blazing cricket,

6. Babar Azam

His timing is butter on the knife to the bat to ball,

5. Mark Waugh

Bat just kissed the ball, impeccable beautiful shots in his time,

4. Jos Butler

Timing in reverse, he waits until ball meets the bat, mindblowing batsman in our times

3. Brian Lara

Classy at its best, its impossible to copy his batting, legend for the reason,

2. Virat Kohli

Gundappa of our times, best in beast mode, even more best in classic mode, legend in making, Virat Kohli, Drive of class,

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Any shot any time, its just Tendulkar's time, his timing, cloning Sir Don Bradman, god of cricket for a reason. Who will forget that straight drive, Doordarshan's TRP king, there is a saying that once Obama told, whenever Sachin plays for India, US losing its productivity

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