PMP Assignment 3.4 - Scrum Pt.2

An emotional father asked his son/daughter, what I did wrong, I have given good education, paying fees, putting food on plate, given good society and nice wardrobe. Even I have given the transport to commute. No, No, No we are not getting into emotions now, but definitely son/daughter going to give answer what could have done better to their father.

However we defined and set our product, there will be always room for improvement right, without checking it how we can improve the product, so in waterfall method there will be separate methodology, phase called Monitoring & Controlling. But in agile we have Sprints, Backlogs, Review and Retrospective.


There are two types of Backlog, 1. Product Backlog and next one is Sprint Backlog.

Product Backlog when number of items have been identified and ready to enter into workflow, to create the product is called as Product Backlog. For example, when one person is ready to build the building, he orders for cement, brick, steel rods, water supply etc., Also arranging all the required people, can be known as Backlog. Also if a student unable to make his position in the mark list, for the obvious reasons he will be getting more backlogs., in all these situations, they need right time to execute in.

Sprint Backlog is remember when student having backlogs, when he failed complete the other exam, or left the subject when its stipulated time, another example, when the building built, in that particular point of time, that task leftover, supervisor find that job and mention it as incomplete, such thing is sprint backlog. 


We found backlog, sprint is the planned and stipulated timed event, can be known as time boxing within the time, we have sprint meetings, to pull the backlogs into the next timed event is called as sprint.  Here team's responsibilities, size of the task, resource scheduling, like how the task going to be done by the resource, will the resource can do it, will resource need extra resource or resource itself being extra, whether resource is required, if required how long the resource required, analysis of task by the team these will be occurred and job responsibilities will be explained. Within this time, ceremonial 15 minutes daily catch up, stand up meeting will be occurred. Team will be directed, understand their tasks better and complete the assigned backlogs from those backlogs are called until that sprint ended is Sprint backlog.

There will be burn-down charts, where the task will be reduced by day or two to make it null, KANBAN charts to identify Started, Ongoing and Completed., Work in progress etc.,


Before Sprint ended within the team, their will be Sprint review occur before its going to be presented to the product owner. 


Once Sprint ended with all the presentations done with the Product owner, retrospective meeting occur, to discuss hits and misses, also updating the Product backlogs, to enable the next sprint with the priorities.

Burn-down Chart

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