Rajini as a politician

***Views are personal***
Rajini as a politician can't ignored in TN politics. Way from 1995 his views and shades were spread along with the parties. Opposing Jayalalitha, being reason for creating Tamil Maanila Congress breaking from Congress, creating alliance with TMC and DMK making them to rule TN, those are came from Rajini's ideology. What happened after that was quiet interesting, he saw Jaya's growth as a leader, also seeing DMK lost its majority support with people, this made him to make semi U turn that made him to support BJP, with issues like Cauvery water sharing issues. Later he supported Amma openly. After these many years, he just starting political party, but for me he already had 25 years of experience in politics. He knows it's not a easy ride, for me he should be strong and bold person within the party, giving good governance to the people.

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