Mind your own biscuits

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Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy. I am quite a regular customer to Karachi Bakery, I ordered birthday cakes, biscuits, whatever they make and service I am one of the most satisfied customers to them. One day I tasted that famous Osmania biscuits, damn its too good while dipping in the coffee, you need not to have any detox to satisfy your brain. Ah! What a wonder it does, from biting to chewing it, crunch and melting in your mouth so beautifully, seriously sometimes I heard Opera singing hall all lullabies to me.

Coming back to reality, after seeing my oven is underutilized by me for long time, I am getting luckier in making cakes, it struck to my mind, why don’t I try those biscuits in my home, in my kitchen, through my oven. I searched for the making videos, blogs, experts, to make the world’s best Osmania biscuits. So what I did was making my own formula by knowing others, I started making it in my oven for the first time. With lower amount of baking powder, minimized the butter than prescribed in the blog, want it make it quicker and finally excited to know the final result by baking in oven. It’s a super flop, if some one asked, did you tried cookies, I have answers, nah! Its not my cup of tea.

My brother tasted it and said it is very hard, luckily someone tasted and they believed it is real Osmania biscuit. Only I know it hard as the Golconda Rock. Rocks I mean my biscuits survived for the long time at my home. Cooking is an art; baking is the science he told me and insisted me to work hard to get the results. My brother insisted do it for second time, this time I am pretty sure to keep the formula correct. This time, its better and this time it’s a soft rock, still unable to dip it.

For the first time, its still intriguing me to create the another time, I watched all professionals, then oven manual, where I did the mistake, I set the heat below where it is suitable for cakes, for cookies, it should be both in my oven, this time I took a strategy that I need to use the same butter (brand), oven heat, Ah! This is the 3rd time, it got too much smoky but came really better. Fourth time I made correcting all my mistakes, came good, 5th time voila I can add some flavors into it. I am still trying to that perfect biscuits to dip and take from coffee.

The thing I want to say is perfection or becoming pro it will take time, we need to have patience to achieve it. Have the clear vision navigate towards your goal. All you required is little patience, but don’t lose the hope keep trying, cookies or cakes, goals or objectives not easy to achieve but you’re the one going to achieve, that day write and share your success story.

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