I don’t know…


Today I got a call from DHL saying that parcel to be delivered. I was expecting this parcel, because it is delivered from USA, it travelled from 3 cities in USA, 2 cities in UK and 2 cities in India. Totally 7 cities and it deliver model selected is Express Delivery. I know how DHL works so customs clearance I worked out from my end, when it reached to Midlands, UK, my address and ID proof got cleared.

Finally it arrived from Bangalore to Hyderabad. It took a day to send the parcel from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Today morning I got a call from DHL person saying that he was in some other location, trying to make me understand that I need to go to that location and pickup the parcel. I told him that my place is quite familiar for delivery people, I often see Swiggy, BigBasket, Amazon, Flipkart, E-delhivery, Blue-dart, etc., come to our area and to my home for delivering the parcels or items, which they are intended to receive.

Again he called and said, he is near to my home, unable to find out, I am living in highlands where I can see at least 200-300 meters visible to road, I didn’t see him. I told the same, I can’t see him. There is a vehicle coming from the place which he mentioned, I told him, can he see that vehicle., he said, NO. Then I come to know, he is just time passing so that I will go that place and receive the parcel. I said, I am still expecting his delivery, I given Google maps way, he said he couldn’t figure it out. Again I sent live location to his Whatsapp. After 15 minutes he came to my place to deliver it.

DHL delivery person wants to make our life miserable for the parcels we are intended to receive., if its critical items, any one can go to there location and pick it up. As far as I know courier or delivery is to serve to customer’s door. What if the customer couldn’t able to walk or on the wheels, what if the location they mention is not safe to customer, I know there are many items were not delivered due to the custom clearance from DHL. They send me emails to provide the documents for customer clearance, where I am not the contact person for that delivery.

When I received the call from him, my TrueCaller identified his name as “Emo Theleedu” that means I don’t know. Some customer frustrated with their behaviour and given the name for them as “I don’t know” in Telugu. I too saved the number as “DHL Emo Theleedu” translated as “DHL I don’t know”

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