PMP Assignment 3.4 - Scrum Pt.1

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Going through the Scrum, it is related to the Rugby, where the ball has been passed to distance enough and again the group huddle made to restart the play. SCRUM is the framework for software development projects. It provides the value, check the backlogs, gives the solutions, improves the communication within the team. In Scrum there are 3 different roles are played, 1) Product Owner, 2) Development Team and 3) Scrum Master

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1) Product Owner
Recently I had a interview with one of the scrum master said, Product owner not to be necessary as actual sponsor of the program, he or she can be stake holder, responsible to the customer, where he need to bring the product out. He will be responsible for project or product's communication to the outside world. He also engages the Stakeholder or having a meeting with them about status report, activities etc., He engages the team for funding, activities, requirements etc., He needs to know the audience requirements as well as team requirements and fulfill it at appropriate time. Importantly he need to be choosy on communicating the stake holders, sometimes over communication will lose the business.

2) Development Team
From starting the architecture of the product, commissioning, analyzing, designing, development, testing, implementing this is the team will be responsible for development. These development team also called as delivery team or team members for the SCRUM based projects. This is not a typical team, which we saw in normal day-to-day works, it will be created for the projects, sometime, PMO will select the members of the team, where they need to coordinate and complete the projects.

3) SCRUM Master
Hooo haaa, sometimes back I saw Bruce Lee and Jackie chan movie, where they will shout on each moves. I am not sure it will be the same with SCRUM master, but he will be orchestrating the communication and monitors the project on step by step, here we can call those steps as Sprints and Backlogs. He is not a traditional leader, as we looked in Traditional project management.

Scrum Master will be a facilitator who will be helpful on forwarding the process and jobs. He/She will take input from product owner to develop. Scrum Master will be coaching and educating his/her team to achieve its success. Also plans, facilitates the meetings, monitors, inspects, generate report and deliver the results about the project, sets the process or records the process where their team need to followed. Scrum Master will be bank of knowledge, where guides the SCRUM principles to Development team and product owner, SCRUM master need not to be a Project Manager or team leader.

SCRUM master who understands, identifies the process where SCRUM values are to be implemented.

We can see, sprints, backlogs, reviews on next chapter.        (to be continued)

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