World Trade Center reopens

Way in 2002, when WTC got a shocker from the planes, many of the engineers from India, came with unemployment. I reached my friend's house watching BBC, suddenly there are shots like a plane hitting on a building and total chaos. The Dome of the building keeping down itself with the ashes around. One of the person from the building falling down. The streets getting scattered with the panic people. Pentagon got a hit, fire everywhere. 

All the TV channels had this news on their channels. Donald Rumsfield & George Bush are frequent on the news channels. NY Mayor giving the promise of rebuilding fallen economy. The terror keeps on going by newly released computer viruses. Millions of Dollars are lost on files corrupted companies. Continuous chaos made world economy down for some time. Some of the companies said, we are fallen on WTC incident. Later some of the companies said, Even in WTC incident we never got fallen.

Irrelevant ads, movies, brought the new ideas and publicity to the event or got popularity from it. New name came up from that event, he is Osama Bin laden, terrorist leader, trainer etc., Taliban leader, he was hiding in Dora Bora mountains. Nobody can find his whereabouts, there are so many news. War on Terror came up suddenly, US got a new friend Pakistan, in Afghanistan they started a war. Hamid Karzai as its interim leader, they started the war with the help of Pakistan. Whoever came to Pakistan's camp got good remuneration from US government. War is unstoppable for years on War on Terror. 

In 2008, Mumbai (India) got terror attack, it even looked as disastrous of WTC said that is 7/11 as in US WTC attack called as 9/11. While Obama won as US president, on May 2nd 2011, at Abbottabad, Pakistan, Osama bin Laden killed by US army.

On November 3rd, 2014, World Trade Center re-opens for the business and opens for its tenants. There are so many history footage around it. It opens with greater responsibility and lots of emotions around it.

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