Invitation – In a changing world

Invitation cards we usually got for Marriages, Anniversaries, Birthday functions, New releases, etc., but it brought many things in our society, earlier Invitations are exclusively for Elite people the Kings, Queens, Lords, Dukes and Duchess for the higher ranks in higher societies. Since it is written by secretaries, butlers, their wives., it brought education to the masses. The style of writing called Calligraphy introduced to write the Invitations in different styles. It brought diplomatic relationships and reinforced the diaspora relations to their own people. Later on printing press introduced for printing the Invitations. It also brought different pigments in the formation of inks. The new technologies are introduced. Due to we had sufficient technology Invitations are also printed by common people. In England it is introduced for Poll campaigns, Sports events, Obituaries, Business services etc.,
Once my father got a huge invitation from local MLA inviting for his daughter’s wedding. The back-cover filled with Chief Minister’s photo, with the poem lauding the Achievements by the CM and their government. The other invitation I got from the college where I am working, its front cover filled with APJ Abdul Kalam for their Annual Event. My colleagues used to fight for the Invitation because of its beautiful front cover. As an Indian we use to get the 16th Day card for remembering the death of their house. We usually get it through the post, my Mom use to cut the corners of that Invitation card. When my brother getting married, my Aththa and Pinnamma used to cover the Entrance with the turmeric, which is believed that will bring the good things to their homes and also provide Kunkuma to tell the auspicious things which is going to happen in our family.
When I am in Chennai, when we are trying to print the cards, we usually suggest the Olympic cards, then Menaka cards at last the local printers. Earlier cards given by the person. Then the book-post introduced, the invitation card inserted in the cover and stick with stamps. After the technology got developed, slowly printing is reduced but still the Invitation cards got printed. The same Invitation cards got scanned and cascaded to the friends. Even how much technology is introduced still we have the custom of Inviting for the events in social media, through email, etc. Need to see how much the technology and our customs will develop.

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