Challenge Accepted


Do you think you know this?

You don't get this?

You're not that great

I do got these kind of statements imagine, you liked to sail in that star ship, imagine you want to fly the fighter jet, imagine you want to paint the beautiful picture. Would you able to do without knowing it. Each passion, interests, job required certain skillsets. If you spend the time on those learning skillsets, you will become one of the person who knows that skills. So how much is right, no one knows, but one of the research said, if you spend 100 hours towards one skill you can master the skill. Well I tried on myself., Now the preacher does the walk the talk isn't it. I took leadership skills, without a plan I went through one of the leadership skill Inclusion and Diversity. But after knowing about the area it brought the unknowns to me,

International Business and Economics

Analyzing financials (book-keeping, accountancy, reading annual reports)

Valuations, business, stock, company, competition and intellectual property laws

Governance, Data Ethics, Risk and Compliance

Data Analytics and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Stata, SAP, Power BI, Tableau, Excel etc.,

Statistics, Regression, Probability etc.,

You may know about Inclusion, leadership skills like negotiation, strategy, organization theories and even project management.

Leaders required to make decisions, the vague decisions may affect their efficiency they need to which product decision can bring value to their business for that these valuations, mean, mode, standard deviations, probability, etc., going to help them.

Apart from these lessons, I learnt something important lessons along with Inclusive and Diversity, its a cultural code and cultural map. These courses recommended me to read two books one of them is "The Cultural Map", perfect eye opener with its case studies. Culture plays big role in their daily day to day jobs, tasks, some were task oriented some were relationship oriented.

I still want to do the Part 2 of leadership skillsets, those 100+ hours is not enough for me. These I didn't planned but when I read one of the skill set, I thought I am in lag with other skill, I started doing with that skill too then it goes and goes.

Its a great journey I want my friends to participate in the 100 hours challenge of improving that one single skillset.

Learning is not only learning about the skillsets also it shows what you didn't know.

100 hours of learning challenge. Are you ready for the challenge?

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