Some important labo(u)r laws for MNC employees


Indian Labor law

What Indian labor law applied for multi-national companies,

è No employee shall be allowed for more than 9 hours in a day or 54 hours per week.

Shops and Establishment act

Most of the rules of MNC are followed this, there is no separate code for the employees working in Multi-national companies in India. Even though in Ramesha’s case employee in MNC indeed a ‘workman’. So court ruled employee is a workman, so hire and fire without proper reasons won’t be admitted.

è Under this act, company can do hire and fire.

è Manage client and address client queries

è Own overall delivery of the project including project planning, execution activities and monitor team activities.

Industrial dispute act

If an employee feel their job is at risk they can file section 2A from IDA, if there are more than 7 employees they can file section 2K. For companies, discharges, misconducts, disputes, punishments, dismissals, they can take the section 2A or 2K through the labor office in your city.

Minimal wages act

There is no proper wages code for the MNC employees, but generally proposed minimum wage is Rs. 18,000/- but averagely looking into different states it is Rs.15,000/-. Also depends upon the state laws minimal wages will be differ. As I investigated minimal wage, it ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs.1000 from Unskilled to High skilled for agriculture, mines, ward and keep etc.,

Provident Fund

12% of the basic salary goes into the PF, 8.33% directed towards Employee Pension Scheme or EPS. The remaining 3.6% are put into your EPF. 8.1% interest rate has been declared.

ESI Scheme

Employees paid under Rs.21,000/- monthly wages are eligible for ESIC, 3.25% Employer share, 0.75% Employee share will be accumulated. It has been assured that completed medical care and attention are provided., under ESI Act, 1948.

Bonus Act

Minimum amount of the bonus 8.33% should be provided, above Rs. 21000/- monthly wages is eligible, should be paid within 8 months.

Note: Subject to change by time, or changes within laws. Applicable only for India.

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