Sama Dana Bedha Dhanda

 Hello there, its been a while I am writing the blogs. Today I want to share some one liner stories,

One day a bank given lot of pressures and issues in clearing on of my cheque. I was so depressed by reaching out their officers and finally got solution. Since I written so many emails, had conversations, that made ripples within the bank. So finally their Bank relationship manager called me, to offer the solution and peace among us.

I saw in one video, that a courier person saw a mount of snow poured on one of the house. He saw a old lady came out to pick up the courier. He understood that no one in her house to help. He took a shovel to clear the snow and put the salt in heavy pouring areas. Old lady seeing this, she offered him Cinnamon buns.

One fine day one of my student who has humble attitude, couldn't able to concentrate on studies. One fine day I called him and told him "Hey, you're doing absolutely fine, helping others. But if you can concentrate on studies that will help in your career placement"

One of my friend told me that, "Hey Jonny, you are doing hard work, honest and I know about your attitude. But personally for me, I think you sound bit arrogant, please check that about yourself" I immediately rewind the conversations, being honest and doing hard work is fine but I too sounded bit arrogant, I changed my attitude. By above two instances we discussed, marked and made our differences and corrected it.

Recently I had a discussion with the internet service provider. He couldn't able to provide the services as we expect. There are lot of false promises, all negotiations, talking were over. One fine day, I told them that I am going to change the plan, there are no other negotiations went, ISP knows that they couldn't able to provide service for higher plan. So, I went ahead and change the plan.

Through Kautilya or Chanakya neethi, one can get the Upaya through Sama Dhana Bedha and Dhanda. You can offer the peace, give the ailments, talk out the differences or taking up war (I took it as punishment). Medieval period our tribes did the all talks finally went to war if its necessary. West side ideas in negotiation is facilitating, brainstorming, reaching to the solution is good. But we learnt of getting into solution (Upaya) for many thousand years ago. We won't get into fight unless its necessary. 

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