Parallel world - Human habits

It brought me to write down this article, what if the future is not safe to roam around in the world. What are the possible changes, it might bring in. I love existing world and its practices, I also love to hangout with my friends and families. But due to recent developments, I thought these things will happen if things go wrong.

World is beautiful place, people complaint about climatic change, eco warriors, green teams, wild life representatives already having their thoughts about existing world. Today I saw street dogs, which usually stay near to the roads, it came across all the hurdles, now living next to our streets. No one has fear if they bite us, they stood like, this is our boundary. What if the same scenario continues.,

Life is beautiful, no other living thing has its beauty like we own it., so in future births' will have so much complexities, also ensure healthy babies to this world. Schools will be cut down, students will go online and tests will be conducted in basis of their ability. Teachers will be online presenters, paid by online platforms. Platforms bring either Virtual Reality, 3D efforts to bring the live environment to students to enhance the materials.

Here after BHK will be replaced with BHKGA, Bedroom Hall Kitchen Gym & Art room. So that people keep their health also Offices will be occupied by Art rooms. People start improve their soft skills through these art rooms, also convertable to the office rooms, where they can take care of day to day businesses.

Social security and Aadhar will be connected with each and every citizens, their records will be in data. HR recruitments will take extra points, how the candidate managing the financial, family & facilities. So that he can manage office works at home. Many companies will start their startups or big companies change their strategy from working from company to work from home. Data will be arises that due to the school and office closures, green pasture lands were created.

No Human couriers, parceling will be done by drones, which are self-sustain to clean themselves from external viruses and bacterias. People liked it very much, even cooking went with the help of AI and Robots started understanding the Un-classifed informations about their taste buds and keeping humans healthier. Surya Namaskara at morning will be mandatory so that, people will get Vitamin D from it. Home checker for cleaner environment will be installed, gives report to government about the molecules that home is in-taking. Social media platforms closed soon, also TV networks will fall down. People went more for games as they want to utilize the leisure period.

Working from home, monitors, laptops, iPads, setup kit will be availed in induction. Login time will be captured in laptop login time, there will be no separate tool capturing it. Personal works detected at laptops and iPads employees will be warned. Employees were allowed to take the work which they are interested, Lot of collaboration with in companies, so that people use the synergy to work on other organizations with their favourite projects.

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