Homage to one of my Favorite Guru - Jack Welch

When your organization has vast number of years in market, sudden disruption caught your organization, when you're out of plans, the ultimate answer will be you'll quit. Its not the easiest answer, or the answer you shouldn't need to follow, the more toughest personally for me is to quit. Some-times you need to quit doing certain things, but it depends upon how genuine you are how valuable the decisions are also how its useful for others.

When Japan market disrupt the US market in electrical equipment, GE CEO out of plans, there comes our hero JF Welch, he brought in ideas of using alternative plastics and defended his company from downfall to stabilizing company. Also when company is in sinking ship, he took over as a CEO transformed this company from flying through the dark clouds to the silver-line. He found non-performing teams, and responsible for firing up employees., He called as neutron for the same reason.

He written in his book about firing employees most controversial CEO and made him as villainic series in media. But on other side he created the white collar revolution. Through his book Winning he written that what are the advantages of firing,

1) Organization teams will start finding reasons to perform
2) People who lost the jobs will find the alternatives
3) Also they use their potential to prove themselves
4) Learn new things

Survival is natural human behavior but what he acclaimed is, even after firing employees, some of them landed in the profession as they liked it, even performed more than as they did in the GE. For some reasons he called as CEO of CEOs. He use to give bunch of philosophical ideas to current generation CEOs, employees, students etc., Rare guru in a contrarian world. He built many contemporary things for his company, which is necessary, closed some non-performing assets and teams. Designer of futuristic GE, he acclaimed for his services, in Bangalore, JFW GE named after him. No surprise, his organization grown multi-fold in his regime. I use to hear his gyan about the organization, strategy, leadership etc., Today I missed one of my Favourite guru, thought me how to swim in powerful tides.

Salute sir for your inspiration and guidance.

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