Artificial Intelligence and Project Manager - Pt.1

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Artificial Intelligence is bad, because its taking away my job!

There are many comments posed towards having Artificial Intelligence. In 2007 when Facebook introduced, many of us thought it is risk to having our account in Facebook. There are large number data can be exposed to our friends or to the world. In such cases, Facebook become even more popular, by sculpting itself by running further its rules. When a Kopernicus said Earth is round, Galileo said we are surrounded by planets, people at that time they didn't believed it.

Well, Artificial Intelligence learning for me it is helping me to understand the human values, processes, simplifying the task. When Fredrick Winslow Taylor, worked with Model-T cars in Ford company, when he analyzed, each and every task, its importance, subject matter experts, processes, he closely monitored all the tasks, which includes to develop a car.

More than a schedule compressing, there happened was crash scheduling where parametric estimation was inevitable to the Ford company at that point of time, which made huge losses, by not giving the right job to the right person. By not evaluating the skilled persons' abilities. Taylor's model brought some un-avoidable inventions led motor industry to flourish, oh Yes! Assembly line or advanced assembly line, which brought into Ford industry made a symbol of Quality, Model-T cars.

For me, getting the checklists, acquiring the data-points, analyzing the data and providing solutions, in this part we can say the implementation of Assembly line, through the post-research and the work of Assembly line is called as Artificial Intelligence. Think about one routine thing, where we missing the quality, quantity, unable to manage the risk, is that when we sure about implementing our ideas, Artificial intelligence has more tools and techniques to resolve many problems around the world., It is the time to think, how AI going to make our world in better place.

AI is not taking away our job, but with help of our programs, techniques, algorithms, it's going to do the better job

- to be continued


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