You won't get feared after reading this

One day I was about to go out at night from church. Its too late, pastor told me that, Police isn't good these days they will arrest you if you roam around at night. They might not know the fact, I roam around night like an night owl. I respected their thought and stayed back at that night. When I want to run the company in partnership, influencing fear of getting into partnership and how partners will treat us & how they might misbehave and take all the assets from us, this made me leave the idea of partnership.

Some or the other day we might have fear, see how world evolving with this fear. I got converted truthfully when someone said, we are in the ending days, so Christ will come and asks for justice. That time you need to be christian, or else you will be get into the hell. The most scary moment is when sunday school teacher said, don't get the chocolates from the stranger, that might be satan who gives chocolate and kidnaps to his beliefs. Fear will not be completed without the monetary benefits, satisfying some-one in the name of fear, even though some-one is right or wrong, we blindly follow the leaders.

They all say same thing, leader if he/she right or wrong, boss is always right. I quiet away from this statement. One day I copied my friend in exam, that day he got caught, because his answer resembles my answer paper. That day I stood up and accepted my mistake, if I got feared other person, could've caught and punished for my wrong doings. Accepting mistake, will sow you the seed of embracing the truth. If you believe the truth, truth will set you free. It might not yield the results, after I accepted the mistake, my teacher was upset on me, she didn't believed me on many times. For me, that time onwards, I became fearless of accepting mistakes. Some times in the trap of transparency we fall in the trap of truth. The other day I was a leg umpire in the local cricket match, our star player hit a ball and set for two runs, while he taking second run, fielder throws the ball to keeper end from the square leg, keeper couldn't able to catch the ball and it slipped to the stumps, just before bat landing to the crease.

I saw it and given our star player out, I was so much criticized for it and left out of our team for many years. To get the recognition as a player, I played many matches and proved myself. When you want to set yourself free from the fears, you should have more confidence on you and your deeds. If you're ready and understand your conscience, you will be most happiest person in the world. I see/saw many people who take kickbacks/involved in scandals/taking bribes with much fear. Tell me one person who got afraid when he/she doing the right things. A person who fears, for the mistakes he is going to do or else, he might fear that he could involve in that mistake. Set yourself free and be happy.

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