Scams so far!!! by Jonathan Justus

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When I heard about Melon drop in USA harbors, where Japanese tourists value the water melon upto 200$ american cons use to drop the water melon which they bought about 2$ infront of them, saying that accident made by Japanese. Japanese used to pay 100$ for the each they thought that got dropped. How many you've been fooled by the scams, cons, fraudsters etc.,

By the way those times were the good lessons for us, or else ourselves we might turned as a con-artists or else making others alert or will be careful, it should not happen again. When we are playing cricket, cricket ball fell into the usual place, yes nearby house. Man of the house rigid to give back that pretty game tool to us. He shouted, the other kid also throw the ball into the house, immediately he said, actually that is our ball sir, that guy asking their ball so only we will get it ours, I saw him, I clearly saw he winking at me. Owner believed his words and returned our precious.

We all fooled out with our friends right, this one is too much after I felt it. When we playing cricket, players has been selected for team, I was selected for one of the team. My friend not got selected, he was in fury and said, my friend (me) will not play for his team, he started pulled me out of the team and started walking, I was unable to understand, then he made to take out of that team and he played in my place. That's the day, I started understanding him. Luckily got away from that traitor.

I joined in many MLMs I saw one person, who joined in a MLM and he re-joins in another, he make his followers to join in multiple MLMs, money spent on his wise always gone. People think if they can invest they will get immediate money, or else they think very high on them. These marketing trainings also starts with like, last month I went to Dubai, I just parked my BMW to the next hotel, but security allowed it., they start boasts about what they achieved, but only true people knows about their colors. I often warned many people about these, but they fell into the trap, themselves they changed as one of that fooling people. These MLMs brainwash these people into the trap. One of the story that I still didn't forget that, a girl showed me the proposal for agreement, which never made in GOI that securing MLM investors.

There are many scams that Aadhar card attaching in our account, old people and women at home fell into the trap given their Debit card details and money in account got withdrawn by scamsters. A screen will be shown in the computer, saying that, we will release the files, until you pay the said amount.

People act smartly to take away money from you, not only strangers, even people suppose to your near and dears. Actually more than your enemy people who fooling you around will be disguised as your friends and dears. We need to think about this, we can only live with the hard earned money, since we being honest and earned money we know the value of it, for the same reason we need to secure the money. Think smart and don't leave the money for the scamsters.

- Jonathan Justus

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