Plan Proactively stay safe

Image result for safety and securityRemember if you don't need security what are all the things you don't need in day to day basis. Just think about you're not carrying the keys of your home, car, your pedestal, remembering numbers of your safe, what not. 

I think there is an interesting story that I read as a kid, that god made this wonderful garden, to make his kids Adam and Eve happy, that is the garden of Eden. After the Serpent came and manipulated the humans, god really got angry and sent them out of Eden. We don't need to follow the rest of the story, but here what I want to mention is, after sending them out of the garden, he locked the Eden so that no one enters it. Basically trespassing not allowed. Probably that's the first security lock ever made.

Security as a business
Think about the House lock, shop locks, safe business, cryptography, password checks, credit card pins, ID card access, information security, physical security what not. What I think if there is no thief involved, there would be no information security as a business. Even we think, while sending our kids to our school, oh is that school has CCTV functional, we are so worried about our kid's security. Which is good, that we are trying to provide safe and secured environment to our near and dears.

There is a temple in a ShaniShinganapur which is still resembling that their god Shani Dev is securing their houses, so there is no door to their houses. In the name of safe and security, we started not believing our neighbors. Even we don't want to try to give our keys to them. Some times too much compulsive disorder of thinking too much about the things which might not should happen, but we think about those in negative ways.

Thinking negative should give an idea, but it should not lead to another panic incident. Positive thinking can inspire us but at same time, one should not be lazy that he/she need to think pro-actively. One of my aunt fears when we came late to home, she started saying that she thought some goons attacked me and I fell in the ground. Some accident might happened, those days were we don't have phones, so the movies she saw that helped her imagination grow negatively. Still I see children of old aged parents panicked when they are not lifting the phone, they keep on ringing their phones, until they pick the phone, they ride on their own imagination horse. Thats why I tell them think pro-actively by taking near and dear phone numbers where they are staying.

I am not saying that you shouldn't think about safety and secure measures, but think pro-actively to avoid any such incidents. Plan Proactively stay safe!

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