Grow up

Due to growing OTTs in India. I am getting most of the channels online also through YouTube. Finally took decision to disconnect TataSky, another reasin for disconnection was Tatasky was there was a news of satellite changes, due to that some of the antennas to be adjusted.

Tatasky want their customers to pay for adjusting the antennas. No information on this but anyhow need to reduce payment fro customers bucket, losing its credibility. Last time while installation, they just want to update the address for that they took a money. It's not about a cost, for everything and anything if we need to pay, why there is a customer service.

Competitors like Airtel they providing streaming services, upgrading, updating, upscaling their services. Seriously TataSky need to learn from their competitors. Also seen their broadband services, costlier and in low connection speed. Their marketing and sales team to so something for this. Only customer service strategy wont work for long time, also need to know the ground realities.

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