Effective Voice Modulation - Dr. Ushy Mohandas

You surely can learn to use your voice, just like playing a musical instrument, to increase your power and persuasiveness in any conversation or speech. Energy is essential for good speaking and voice projection. Before a short talk, hydrate well and eat lightly.

This ensures that you are bright and alert when you start speaking and that your brain is functioning at its best. Words and it's expression in tonality, can impact your mind. In a speech, one is sharing his/her thoughts that you are listening to and thinking about. Throughout history, people have been influenced by what was said in a speech.

It can surely inspire and influence with impact. Every voice projects the personality of its speaker. Voices are each unique, revealing, and central to your ability to lead change in the world. Start working today on your voice. Remember to pitch pace use power and pause effectively. Your voice is the passport to the soul.

In it, your strength and also your uncertainties are revealed. Learn to control it and become an intentional, soulful communicator. Don’t leave that most important of ways to connect with your fellow humans to chance. If you wish to connect for more on this do

- Dr. Ushy Mohandas

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