Ooty tour and Project Management

Some Times, we don't know something will correct as to do the right things. It might came from our experience or it might came from the thoughts we hear, studied etc., I heard once great movie director Suresh Krishna who directed Annamalai, Baadsha, Aaha etc., movies he said, he worked with LV Prasad crew one day he went to help, K Balachander's movie in Hindi as the crew don't know Hindi, he went to help them. He never directed any movie, but when he entered to KB sir's set, he was able to set the trolley, setting the direction their views. He couldn't believe himself, but the practice and whatever he saw for years gave the things in handy. After an year or two he became K Balachander's associate rest is history.

Ooty is my favorite destination always, many attempts like Ghajini where I lost to take that dream vehicle to reach the exotic destination. This time when myself and my brother finished the Srisailam tour, I started wandering for the destinations. Somewhere I saw that we can see Ooty with its fullest beauty on September month without the crowd, means with less crowd. Then Project manager in me started working, then I listed the core items

1) List of places and hangouts
2) List that what we need to do
3) Transportation
4) Stay

Places we planned for is to see the beauty of Ooty, to see its fullest beauty and feel somewhat nostalgic, learnt that it won't be finished without the Toy train journey. First we booked the flight and train tickets, to stop the last minute surprises, then started the itinerary,

1) Flight Tickets - From & To destinations
2) Plan from Coimbatore to Ooty then Ooty to Coimbatore

While doing this we planned the destinations, so we thought of going Ooty by the Toy train, then we planned to book the room in Mettupalayam, next day we need enter into Toy Train, since Toy train tickets are booked already, luckily we have NMR special, its quiet costly but it has 09:00 AM timings, where we easily catch the train in time, also enjoy the toy train in the Coupe (First class). Since we booked a month before a lot of savings and the seats which we aspired we got it.

Then Room bookings, since we went to Mettupalayam at night, room at Mettupalayam, next day room at Ooty with the fantastic Tea estate view, after that 2nd day night stay in Coimbatore. We went to Doddabetta, Tea factory, Ooty Garden, Boat Lake, 2nd day we went to Pykara water falls, Pykara Dam, Pine Forests, yes small and bigger one Sholur (olden movies taken here), enjoyed the trip by visiting these places. We thought coming early to Coimbatore, since its on Sunday, coming back to Coimbatore stuck in traffic. we booked the room in Coimbatore (this is how we planned) stayed night at Coimbatore, 3rd day morning we got out Flight and came to Hyderabad.

We thought it will be so expensive, but we tried to made within the budget. But experience is ultimate, even you spent in Lakhs one can't experience this much lavishly. My family totally happy with this kind of experience, fortunately except my Brother this is first time visit to Ooty. Thanks for the planning ahead and managed the three major constrains, Project output is stake holders are extremely satisfied.


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