PMP Assignment 3.1 - Traditional Project Management


I always wonder how the old monuments and buildings are built with such perfection. Kudos to our earlier architects and engineers. But wondering who coordinated with all workers to do the tasks. Might be those architects and engineers itself. We don't have much information though, I am just thinking of those days. When modern times getting ahead, surely project managers are involved to monitor the progress of projects, sending reports, communicating with stakeholders, vendors, key people etc.,

Image result for henry ganttWe need to regard two great men here Henry Gantt and Henri Fayol. What they provided to project management changed the Project Management forever. Henry Gantt provided Gantt chart, which is the tool and technique to control the projects. Henri Fayol is the person who brought five functions, 1.Planning, 2. Organizing, 3. Staffing, 4. Directing and 5. Controlling.
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Henri Fayol
After 1950s some of the US based companies, included Gantt chart for temporary works. PERT and CPM introduced later to work on the activities from the projects. We can discuss about these later from the upcoming assignments.

Project management Triangle
Quality of the project is measured by its Scope, Cost & Schedule. Ex. To finish the project before the deadline, you may increase the budget, it will also affect the scope and schedule. If you are compromised with the low budget, your schedule will be slow and you might end up with changing the scope or low quality output.

Image result for project management triangleImage result for project management triangle 

Mathematical model for project management triangle is S=T x R (Scope = Time x Resources).

Here resources mentioned here can be Human resources, financial, physical resources required to complete the project. 

Where the project will be completely planned and it says, what is going to be done, objective of the project, who is going to do what? these scenarios will be documented initially like a planning to move to the next phase of Scheduling

Here all the tasks mentioned in the scope are assigned with the resources and timelines will be mentioned.

Budget will be analyzed in this section, resources as mentioned above in STR, will be calculated and assigned for the scheduling the project.

Above three aspects are mostly involved in the Traditional project management.

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