Kerala Floods - Help & Rescue

Two days back we celebrated our 72nd Independence Day, hope you all enjoyed it. There are the times we need to show our national integrity also to tell fellow humans, at the times of crisis, “Hey I am there for you”. Mother Teresa said, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”. Yes I am going to talk about Flood disaster in Kerala. I grew up by facing lot of flood situations even Tsunami when I lived in Chennai. At the time of Tsunami, even food, shelter and clothes given to victims still there are the situations where people to have a food without proper plates, situations like they need to live without the basic amenities. As a fellow human being, I understand what Kerala Flood victims going through. Kerala Government released the Bank account details to donate the funds. Also volunteers requested to help the flood recovery. There are other requirements which victims wanted immediatel y, those can be Blankets, shirts, sarees, nighties, sanitary napkins, towels, cooking sets, dinner sets also groceries like, rice, salt, sambar powder, turmeric powder etc., There is also innovative idea, that we can donate it through sending the items to Collectorate Kannur and Iduki. From there they can distribute those items to Distribution points to flood victims. So, we can order the items through online and send it to Control room, Collectorate building, Kannur, 670002. Since I said about Tsunami incident, I ordered Dinner sets through Amazon and send it to Kannur Collectorate office. So, there are the ways to show your humanity/charity however you want by selecting Donating the funds or Volunteering or sending the items to Collectorate office. Support our Kerala Flood victims, use the hashtag #Keralafloods to know more. Also providing useful links in my Description & comment section about Disaster recovery. #DoitforKerala #JaiHind.

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