PMP Assignment 1.2 - Time & Process Abbreviations

This could be final abbreviations for PMP. Why I made time and process isolated, there is a reason behind it. I felt, there are more ITIL related process and abbreviations in PMP like change request, ETA etc., These are the things I learnt when I studied ITIL. Also Time and process are inter-related. Lets see what we are going to read in this assignment, since most of the abbreviations we had in previous assignments, we have already covered most of it,

AST - Agreed Service Time
Commonly known as downtime or service hours.

CMM - Capability Mature Model
Through Capability Mature model, organization to assess the themselves against the external environments, benchmark themselves and improve the process of its own products.

CCB - Change Control Board
Appointed members to review and approve the change requests. Change request fate will be decided to implement the change or not.

CCPM - Critical chain project Management
CCPM is to make resources to work in activities as per the schedule. This is one of the resource optimization technique.

CISD - Critical incident stress de-briefing
Critical incident stress de-briefing done, when team faced the trauma. To cope the stress and trauma, to ease the situation CISD will be used.

CSF - Critical Success Factor
This term is used, the factor which is key and critical to make project success.

EEF - Enterprise Environmental factor
These are internal and external factors, which are key to determine the project's success. External climate, organizational structure and resources are the key factors for EEF.

ETA - Estimated Time Arrival
Also known as expected time arrival, it is to know the remaining time, where the particular entity to arrive.

IMP - Integrated Master Plan
It shows the relational structure between the activities, it bring down the plan and segregated with tasks and shows the relations.

IMS - Integrated Master Schedule
It shows the relation between schedules, time lines which related to each other tasks.

RAID - Risk Assumption Issues Dependencies
While we reporting to Stake-holders, we need to have a log contain Risks, Assumptions, Issues and dependencies of a projects. Hence this is called RISK log.

SoW - Statement of Work
Statement of work is the comprehensive detail of an activities which noted against the dates or schedule.

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