What a journey

18-05-2018, When at morning, we received shocking news, my mother-in-law is no more. Also she is sister of my father. I had vivid memories, when she giving food to me and my brothers. When we are all gathered, she will give special attention to my father, we brothers will sing the song "Malarnthum malaratha" song from Pasamalar. As if she is Savithri and father is Sivaji Ganesan.

She's the one who call me by the name of Thrilok, before that I even don't know do I have Hindu name of Thrilok. After that she is calling by that name, noticed that many of our relatives too called me by that name. She had love marriage, she tied a knot with a gentleman called Ravi. We are like friends, until my marriage. After marriage took place, many things are changed, our perspectives, thinking, noticed that changes because what we have believed all these years.

Slowly we drawn the lines between us, also we had our moments within us, My atthaiya, Radha Nageshwari is the dominant force in a family. Where ever she goes, she like to rule. Even go further by taking loans to keep her family pride. She had two heart operations, even though she took care of my maavaiya's family, their brothers, their sons all together.

Wondering how she managed the family with one person's salary. This news came shocking to us, we are all reached to Chennai, seeing her body and doing last rites and rituals. When the ritual came up to apply the oil on her head, I had this memory of when I was five years old, my granny died, on her last rituals, atthaiyaa helped me to apply turmeric on the face of my granny. That thought made me cry and made me to weep like a child.

She cremated where our Grand father, grand mother got cremated at the same burial ground. 16th day of memorial done on last week. What a soul what a journey.

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