Karl Marx - Part 12 Communist Manifesto

Some books ahead of time
Some books behind the time
If one book at the right time, so as Communist Manifesto

Long history short, when manufacturing goods thrived in to the market, more demand and supply flourished in countries, expectations are created to provide more output. So, from the ancient times, laborers are treated as, as if they are bonded to their masters. No control over how much their productivity increased, no counts, no hikes, number working hours increased, hard-work not recognized. These are the issues from the employees end.

From Employer's end, products rates should be competitive, no formulas to calculate the productivity, how much they can add the value in their products, formulas, calculations keep on missing. Here comes the truth on its way, originally Communist manifesto created to help capitalists, to add the value of employee's work in finished product.

Engels and Marx created this wonderful book with volumes, but no one thought this will be helpful in french revolution, become philosophical book for revolution, helping labors, revolutionists to claim their rights from their masters.

It is the most influential political document created or written ever. Also created the revolution in labor rights, companies or industries to design or adding employee's salary or remuneration as value to the finished products.

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