I am....

Yesterday I am relaxing at the front yard near to my garden. Two persons came near to the gate, "Sir, Shall we have a word with you, it just takes two minutes." My wife pulling me back, "Don't go, it could be boring material". I left her hand and gone near to them. "Sir, do you know Jesus" I convinced and I told, "See my mother and father are christians, they taught me a lot about christianity."

"Even one of my friend is christian." He continued, "Sir, we are here to tell, the good news of Jesus birth, since you know about Christianity, can you please tell us one verses in Exodus?" He is so confident, his body language shows how confident he is in Exodus chapter. I know it's in Old testament, He is laughing at me and told, "Which bible you have at your home. Did you read it?"

Once I am strong believer in Christianity, I read Holy bible for seven times, from Genesis to Revelations. Asa of Judah who prohibited idoltary believed in science and earned respect within the people. Many of them asked since you are christian, why don't you go to church. I have lot of contradictions in christianity and Bible, the day when I started questioning my self, I started believing in nature and humanity.

I believe, there is nothing above than humanity. The values and culture our forefathers believed is Nature can cure anything, one of my relative, only believed in nature gods like, Sun, Moon, earth, he worshiped only them.

Coming back to two passengers in my life, they told, "Sir, in bible Jesus never told, that he is god, he is messenger". I asked him "Are you from seventh day adventist", He grimmed and shook his head left to right, "Sir, we are not seventh day adventist, also we never show off with songs, we are not pentecostal, roman catholic, CSI, or not even protestants." I came to know there are these many sects in Christianism. I confused and asked, which sect you are, "Sir we are Jehovah witness". Then I continued, "Interesting", He immediately, given the brochure, I told him to give somebody else, "I can speak Kannada, but I can't able to read or write." He laughed, "I thought you are kannadiga", I said with proud, "I am honored". Even though they insisted me to get the brochure.

There will be these verses which might not appropriate for them I can tell. "I am who I am" - Exodus - 3:14.

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