First time I saw bharatanatyam at the age of 8 I believe. Its not a dance, but something in it. I want to see more, because those are my friends, I bribed them with sweet meats, they performed once again. Later I saw Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri dance, Mohiniyattam etc., in school, relatives, college functions etc., I have been migrated to Kakinada for sometime, then went to Bangalore, where these discotheques are famous, for high bass music and dance. 

If you here, to the music, your body shakes automatically. High beat drums will do something within you. DJ, knows best he will get into the stream, every body raise and dance along with his tunes. I came to Chennai again, there is a celebration, along with the song and dance, Bharathanatyam inclined in the program. Since its a celebration for many people, I thought of waiting for sometime to get into another program. 

Lead dancer, started her movements, first with namaskaram and dance goes on, myself I got interested into the dance, there is some powerful message in the song, 'Aigiri Nandhini', in that dance, dancers shown all the form of woman, like patience, humble, grace etc., Finally the anger moment, dance moment went ferocious, its like killing me with the vent of anger, dancers eyes stucked within me which I felt scared for the moment. 

Its like roaring lion against the smallest deer.
The moment lead dancer pretended to take a thrishul (trident) with her hand and killed Mahisashura, it pretends myself, it went through my heart. The time she acted as if she is taking the blood, my self I sweat a lot. I felt many things., reacted in different way, un-easiness all through, later at background song it says Shanti, Shanti… That moment I realized, woman has many faces inside her heart. But what she shows is patience (shanti) to everybody. If she is quiet don’t think that she can be easily defeated, think about that she is just showing one of her face.

The dance got over, I could be the first person, stood up and applauded for their performance. One dance given the clear message, what we see just an angle, we are looking out it is not the complete picture. Once I stood up, there are about 500-600 people in the auditorium stood up and applauded for their performance. 

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