Who's your favorite boss?

One of my friend asked me who's your favorite boss? I never come across such a question, I don't want to think to tell about my favorite boss, I had equal respect with my bosses. I had only thing in my mind, if you can understand people, you can resolve their issues. A leader needs to understand his employees skill set and ability, employee just need to follow the good attitude on his duties.
Once one of my friend told, there was a job in his company asked about my willingness to join. I just went to that company, Director called me and spoken with me friendly manner., he asked where did I worked earlier and asked about whereabouts. I just explained him, where did I worked and what I did & how I did. Later his colleague just knocked the door and came inside, he said, I am taking interview. That point I come to know about the interview and its questions.
Boss, teacher in disguise
When I worked for construction company, I learnt MS Excel and billing formulas. In other company I learnt, the dimension of pipes, welding casting, types of MS, CS, SS pipes, difference between structural and construction engineering, projects, tenders, presentations etc., whatever required for corporate environment I just did it in that old company. Later on I learnt Infrastructure technology, where I had lot of training on  servers, switches, routers, application support, Information Security, storage, Virtual Infrastructure etc., these learning and experience helped me to perform at later days.
Employee and Confidence builder
Boss who building the confidence with his employee, more chances that employee could be loyal to the team and company. The person who shares his secret, we likely to follow his traits. Its easy to work with him just like the person from the other door. There are the bosses who bullies and getting the job done, but there are the people who actually can do the same work, just monitoring his employee how he is doing. Bosses also life long learner not about the technology also the ways how can the job done.
Advancing Boss
Employee who shown his career growth upwards and advanced his boss, it is not only his greatness, it is also the strength of his boss of letting him grow whatever employee got passionated. Often he helps employees and subordinates to set him the path. 
I thought of writing this long time ago, got some time to think and write about this.

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