Opinions, Ideas and Decisions

There is a saying, "Wife is a gift from God" indeed "Having a boss is a gift from Management". Often I thought I could be lawyer, IAS Officer, Bank Manager etc., Where I can take decisions operationally. I had my little confession over here I too like take a decisions. My previous employers had a hard time to control my decisions, later they understood me better to have a opinion from me for organization betterment. We all love to take a decisions, in a team everyone have their opinion, end of the day boss decision will be final. Opinions converts to Idea and Idea changes to decisions.
Is that decisions matters to Boss, actually deciding the opinion or idea matters. There is always the Red tape between Operational and Functional manager because of decisions. We all thought deciding authority should be strong enough to take a decisions or delivering the Ideas. In a hall if equal authorities are called up to a meeting, to come to the conclusion is a hard thing. I like to attend the team meetings where issues and experience speaks. Where else in marketing campaigns, technology meetings, management oriented meetings, will have lot more opinions and brainstorm ideas will be delivered, which will be healthy who seeks for Ideas., but if the dimensions of ideas changed, it could be lot more confusion state for the beginners. 
What if Einstein and Charlie Chaplin met together, Einstein can explain about his inventions and Charlie could crack some jokes. But what if Tesla and Edison mets, or Charlie and Houdini mets., they start taking about their fields, their opinion on their inventions and style. Conclusion of meeting will take some time and audience will be split off.
Data and Decisions
If you have an Idea about the particular concept, it should followed with Data and statistics., without that you are just having an opinion about an Idea. To convert the Idea into decisions it should be well analysed, pros and cons, value to your team or company, that could give additional value to the company goals and visions most importantly growth in any matters. Most of the negative opinions will be destructive and not eligible in decision making avoiding such instincts could make handle the situation better. Half knowledge is dangerous thing, managers often avoid their ideas to bring upon the conclusion. One should have detail idea and precise presentation to give their voice.
Strategy on Presentation
If a presenter is presenting their presentation, he need to make ready of all FAQs and quick tips on his ideas. Also the detail analysis or complete knowledge of his presentation could do better to achieve an conclusion. Often management will give their choices who having the complete knowledge on certain field. Also who can do things better immensely. Presentation needs to deliver the core idea, values and benefits., in short it should be understandable one who seeks  information.
Always stick on to the basic idea and what you believe, allow others to give opinion to your presentation of ideas. Analyse the opinions with the data, if required ask their permission to take some time on achieving the perfect form.
What your take on this?

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