How its feeling to be a skillful character (End)

Time management
As I already told about the concentration, one can do the task one at a time, if you go back to vedas, we can see Dhasavadaani, the person who concentrates 10 multiple things at a time called as Dhasavadaani, for an example, the other person who talks to him, he will be hearing that, at the same time, he can hear the sound who walking near to him, floor color, position of chair, paint of wall, stuffs in bin, talk between other employees, chandelier lights, time at watch he can concentrate everything at a time. I saw a movie called Limitless, in that protagonist of that movie, Bradley Cooper says he can concentrate on 25 things at a time. Might be this advice is  not those kind of people. 
Average person can concentrate on one thing at a time. So he can plan his tasks better, the key to handle tasks is called as time management. Earlier I use to memorize the day tasks, at end of the day, I use to forget the things. I always believe the tasks which you forget, which we are not actually concentrating. I bought the normal book, I am using as a planner to write down the tasks, whenever I am completing the tasks, I appreciate myself. 
Because you should be your own hero. You have to nurture yourself and follow the good habits and become the person which you like most. Being that person, you need to treat yourself with a pat on shoulder.  I am planning better to allocate a time for the tasks, so the tasks can be done in time, better planning will be providing better results altogether.
Planner and skills
A planner or time table will help in concentrating on your skills too. If you have the time table from morning, for example, I will be checking mails at morning, writing articles, then two hours I will be on music class (self learning), then sipping coffee & reading newspaper, again checking mails through mobile phone, getting ready to office, these will take about 4 hours in morning. At my travelling, when I am in Cab, I usually not read anything. 
I believe that could bring any problem with my eyes. I concentrate on any music, skill learning, listening to Bhagvad gita, ramayana, mahabharatha, stories, speeches etc., I am listing the  tasks to be done in office, I repeat the cab activities by leaving the office. I will be spending some time with my family, later checking my emails or attending phone calls. I will leaving rest of my day.
Here I am being a worker, learning a work related skill or updating my knowledge towards  the work, learning music, writing a blog, etc., I will not be enforcing anybody to do the same., but I can say., becoming a skillful character is awesome feeling. 
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