How its feeling to be a skillful character (Pt.1)

When I am looking the kids these days, they are getting well matured at earlier days., Upto 12 years for me to understand the Holy bible or other religions, nowadays kids are fast in learning like arts, education, career etc., They know what  they are doing, focusing on their goals. In our days, mathematics and calculations are become herculean tasks, nowadays it got simplified  and getting faster way calculation. Abacus, going back to vedas to solve the mathematical problems within their limits.
One of  my cousin son from Hyderabad won the Abacus  championship, made us wonder what is that  all about. He made fastest calculation with techniques and brainstorming skills. I think the kudos to his parents and teachers. 
Talent comes in nature  and in our interest. The games which we play, the art which we endorse, family which you live, education which we study and career which we chose also influences our talents. People surrounded with you can be force to chose your skills. Concentration is your key to maintain the Multi-talent habits. One can be writer, blogger, speaker, manager in eminent organization. Might be he helping his co-workers or subordinates to uprise their career and in that process he become all above. One can be Music player, visitor  of heritage places, writer, blogger, translator, SEO how can he achieve all, by the way its me, I love history so I am immense in visiting historical places, my mother often told me about Sitar and its music, in between I become SEO and read lot of  books. One of my guru told that if you want to become a writer, you need to read lot of books, from 1 - 10 percent of areas you will get more ideas. Thats true, I read lot of books, then I become too choosy of reading books, Career oriented and management books made an impact in my life. I come across translating one of that  book and become translator, translating the ads and translated  the documents. Later on my career path has changed I become engineer. Of course I didn't forget those skills, concentrating and upgrading my skills often, which I ever I am trying to pose to be developed. 
Demand is the  key of invention, if one is missing the communication and communicating others orally, he needs to start attending the toastmasters, tedex meetings or becoming member of those groups to develop the communication skills. There are the chances, he can become public speaker too. There is also a say, Jack of all, master of none. There are the people who luckily got the chance and then what happened  is magic, they learnt all the required skills., One music director appointed because he got a very good band, then he learnt carnatic, hindustani, western music later he developed as great music director. Even though he concentrated on music, he needs to develop in other areas also. This also can be multi-talent. To become a master, you need to be learner or concentrate on multiple trades.
(to be continued)...

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