Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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All the glitters

After a long day, my Sis-in-law want to buy an Gold chain, which my brother got some amount in his bounty. She wants to select more design, after analyzing she came back without selecting one. My brother said, he will be joining next day to select, his plans already revealed  that he is  no more interesting on design selection. He is pretty straight forward on buying the gold.

My brother's D-day came up, and he asked me to join with him.I initially refused, with everybody's compulsion and promised treat from my sis-in-law, I went  with them. Sis-in-law has the habit of buying Roops of gold every year, that could be half a gram to one gram of gold in every Varalakshmi pooja. Brother collected all roops, unused gold items which presented to my nephew, presented when he was child. Our travel started and target not started., We chose about 5 shops, but my brother is happy in buying at first shop.

Exchanging the gold
I learn some basic things for buying the gold., if you are exchanging the gold or not, you have to spend the money for wastage. To calculate the purity of gold most of  the  shops are having similar machine manufactured by Redlands. This machine can scan gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, zinc, etc., This has been connected through two USB cables, I believe one for connecting the machine and another  one for results provoking. Machine sends X-ray rays and capturing the information, time it taking around 30-300 seconds. Then gold got weighed in scale, earlier I use to see Physical balance scale in Pawn shops and gold shops, now electronic weighing scale providing the accuracy. If you have the old gold to be exchanged, above methods followed and gold achari will be given a word. Some times certificates will be enough to check the purity of gold.

Buying the gold
Wastage is something, that when they are designing the gold to ornament, to design that ornament wastage will occur. If its handmade, the life  of designed gold could be more than 10 years. If its manufactured through machine, the life  of gold designed can't be  predicted. People choose handmade designed  gold ornaments, which leads about 10 to 15% of wastage. Special designs can lead from 18% to more than 50%. Buying the gold with designated design, will lead to lots of wastage.

"All the glitters are not gold", gold's purity checked with BIS standards

999 - 24 Carat
958 - 23 Carat
916 - 22 Carat

In South-India, people prefer the 916 - 22 Carat gold. If your gold got BIS and Hallmark symbol, it will be easier for buyers and sellers to check the purity of gold. Also shops had a scheme to join, where we need to invest for 11 months, at 12th month of maturity the gold rate at same day will be calculated to buy and there will be no wastage could be calculated.

Tips for buying the gold
Negotiating the wastage is key of buying the gold. After seeing the purity of  gold, one have to negotiate on wastage according to its design. People will fallout for designs, but wastage is money sucking. Always go for strength of material, which gives the life. You have to decide, do you want gold or the ornament. If you want to buy the gold, go for the wastage upto 10%. This will gives appreciation value in future.

Friday, December 18, 2015

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Lets Support Chennai

Banner : S.A. Media Labs Presents
Music & Producer : Dr. Josyabhatla
Asst Music & Producer : Sai Charan
Concept : Prathap Kolagatla
Lyrics : Sahitya Sagar, Rap-Noel
Camera : Balaji Mutyala, Balaji Y
Editing : Satya Giduturi
VFX : Raghava B, Basha, Ashok, Ravi
Singers Co-ordination : Sreedevi Nemani
Keys : Vaidi
Rhythms : Anil, Ganesh
Recording : Prakash
Mixing & Mastering : Anil Mani

Singers : Vijaya Lakshmi, Usha, Gopika Poornima, Gayatri, Manju, Geetha Madhuri, Pranavi, Anjana Sowmya, Sravana Bhargavi, Sreedevi Nemani, Parnika, Lipsika, Mohini, Amrutha Varshini, Nikhitha Srivalli, Sruthi, Saandip, Mallikarjun, Venu, Jai Srinivas, Balaji, Ramky, Srikrishna, Hema Chandra, Deepu, Krishna Chaitanya, Raju, Noel, Raghuram, Dinker, Dhanunjay, Anudeep, Sweekar, Sai Charan, Aditya, Saketh, Lokesh, Sairam Burra

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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How its feeling to be a skillful character (End)

Time management
As I already told about the concentration, one can do the task one at a time, if you go back to vedas, we can see Dhasavadaani, the person who concentrates 10 multiple things at a time called as Dhasavadaani, for an example, the other person who talks to him, he will be hearing that, at the same time, he can hear the sound who walking near to him, floor color, position of chair, paint of wall, stuffs in bin, talk between other employees, chandelier lights, time at watch he can concentrate everything at a time. I saw a movie called Limitless, in that protagonist of that movie, Bradley Cooper says he can concentrate on 25 things at a time. Might be this advice is  not those kind of people. 
Average person can concentrate on one thing at a time. So he can plan his tasks better, the key to handle tasks is called as time management. Earlier I use to memorize the day tasks, at end of the day, I use to forget the things. I always believe the tasks which you forget, which we are not actually concentrating. I bought the normal book, I am using as a planner to write down the tasks, whenever I am completing the tasks, I appreciate myself. 
Because you should be your own hero. You have to nurture yourself and follow the good habits and become the person which you like most. Being that person, you need to treat yourself with a pat on shoulder.  I am planning better to allocate a time for the tasks, so the tasks can be done in time, better planning will be providing better results altogether.
Planner and skills
A planner or time table will help in concentrating on your skills too. If you have the time table from morning, for example, I will be checking mails at morning, writing articles, then two hours I will be on music class (self learning), then sipping coffee & reading newspaper, again checking mails through mobile phone, getting ready to office, these will take about 4 hours in morning. At my travelling, when I am in Cab, I usually not read anything. 
I believe that could bring any problem with my eyes. I concentrate on any music, skill learning, listening to Bhagvad gita, ramayana, mahabharatha, stories, speeches etc., I am listing the  tasks to be done in office, I repeat the cab activities by leaving the office. I will be spending some time with my family, later checking my emails or attending phone calls. I will leaving rest of my day.
Here I am being a worker, learning a work related skill or updating my knowledge towards  the work, learning music, writing a blog, etc., I will not be enforcing anybody to do the same., but I can say., becoming a skillful character is awesome feeling. 
(Ends here)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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How its feeling to be a skillful character (Pt.1)

When I am looking the kids these days, they are getting well matured at earlier days., Upto 12 years for me to understand the Holy bible or other religions, nowadays kids are fast in learning like arts, education, career etc., They know what  they are doing, focusing on their goals. In our days, mathematics and calculations are become herculean tasks, nowadays it got simplified  and getting faster way calculation. Abacus, going back to vedas to solve the mathematical problems within their limits.
One of  my cousin son from Hyderabad won the Abacus  championship, made us wonder what is that  all about. He made fastest calculation with techniques and brainstorming skills. I think the kudos to his parents and teachers. 
Talent comes in nature  and in our interest. The games which we play, the art which we endorse, family which you live, education which we study and career which we chose also influences our talents. People surrounded with you can be force to chose your skills. Concentration is your key to maintain the Multi-talent habits. One can be writer, blogger, speaker, manager in eminent organization. Might be he helping his co-workers or subordinates to uprise their career and in that process he become all above. One can be Music player, visitor  of heritage places, writer, blogger, translator, SEO how can he achieve all, by the way its me, I love history so I am immense in visiting historical places, my mother often told me about Sitar and its music, in between I become SEO and read lot of  books. One of my guru told that if you want to become a writer, you need to read lot of books, from 1 - 10 percent of areas you will get more ideas. Thats true, I read lot of books, then I become too choosy of reading books, Career oriented and management books made an impact in my life. I come across translating one of that  book and become translator, translating the ads and translated  the documents. Later on my career path has changed I become engineer. Of course I didn't forget those skills, concentrating and upgrading my skills often, which I ever I am trying to pose to be developed. 
Demand is the  key of invention, if one is missing the communication and communicating others orally, he needs to start attending the toastmasters, tedex meetings or becoming member of those groups to develop the communication skills. There are the chances, he can become public speaker too. There is also a say, Jack of all, master of none. There are the people who luckily got the chance and then what happened  is magic, they learnt all the required skills., One music director appointed because he got a very good band, then he learnt carnatic, hindustani, western music later he developed as great music director. Even though he concentrated on music, he needs to develop in other areas also. This also can be multi-talent. To become a master, you need to be learner or concentrate on multiple trades.
(to be continued)...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Who's your favorite boss?

One of my friend asked me who's your favorite boss? I never come across such a question, I don't want to think to tell about my favorite boss, I had equal respect with my bosses. I had only thing in my mind, if you can understand people, you can resolve their issues. A leader needs to understand his employees skill set and ability, employee just need to follow the good attitude on his duties.
Once one of my friend told, there was a job in his company asked about my willingness to join. I just went to that company, Director called me and spoken with me friendly manner., he asked where did I worked earlier and asked about whereabouts. I just explained him, where did I worked and what I did & how I did. Later his colleague just knocked the door and came inside, he said, I am taking interview. That point I come to know about the interview and its questions.
Boss, teacher in disguise
When I worked for construction company, I learnt MS Excel and billing formulas. In other company I learnt, the dimension of pipes, welding casting, types of MS, CS, SS pipes, difference between structural and construction engineering, projects, tenders, presentations etc., whatever required for corporate environment I just did it in that old company. Later on I learnt Infrastructure technology, where I had lot of training on  servers, switches, routers, application support, Information Security, storage, Virtual Infrastructure etc., these learning and experience helped me to perform at later days.
Employee and Confidence builder
Boss who building the confidence with his employee, more chances that employee could be loyal to the team and company. The person who shares his secret, we likely to follow his traits. Its easy to work with him just like the person from the other door. There are the bosses who bullies and getting the job done, but there are the people who actually can do the same work, just monitoring his employee how he is doing. Bosses also life long learner not about the technology also the ways how can the job done.
Advancing Boss
Employee who shown his career growth upwards and advanced his boss, it is not only his greatness, it is also the strength of his boss of letting him grow whatever employee got passionated. Often he helps employees and subordinates to set him the path. 
I thought of writing this long time ago, got some time to think and write about this.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

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Opinions, Ideas and Decisions

There is a saying, "Wife is a gift from God" indeed "Having a boss is a gift from Management". Often I thought I could be lawyer, IAS Officer, Bank Manager etc., Where I can take decisions operationally. I had my little confession over here I too like take a decisions. My previous employers had a hard time to control my decisions, later they understood me better to have a opinion from me for organization betterment. We all love to take a decisions, in a team everyone have their opinion, end of the day boss decision will be final. Opinions converts to Idea and Idea changes to decisions.
Is that decisions matters to Boss, actually deciding the opinion or idea matters. There is always the Red tape between Operational and Functional manager because of decisions. We all thought deciding authority should be strong enough to take a decisions or delivering the Ideas. In a hall if equal authorities are called up to a meeting, to come to the conclusion is a hard thing. I like to attend the team meetings where issues and experience speaks. Where else in marketing campaigns, technology meetings, management oriented meetings, will have lot more opinions and brainstorm ideas will be delivered, which will be healthy who seeks for Ideas., but if the dimensions of ideas changed, it could be lot more confusion state for the beginners. 
What if Einstein and Charlie Chaplin met together, Einstein can explain about his inventions and Charlie could crack some jokes. But what if Tesla and Edison mets, or Charlie and Houdini mets., they start taking about their fields, their opinion on their inventions and style. Conclusion of meeting will take some time and audience will be split off.
Data and Decisions
If you have an Idea about the particular concept, it should followed with Data and statistics., without that you are just having an opinion about an Idea. To convert the Idea into decisions it should be well analysed, pros and cons, value to your team or company, that could give additional value to the company goals and visions most importantly growth in any matters. Most of the negative opinions will be destructive and not eligible in decision making avoiding such instincts could make handle the situation better. Half knowledge is dangerous thing, managers often avoid their ideas to bring upon the conclusion. One should have detail idea and precise presentation to give their voice.
Strategy on Presentation
If a presenter is presenting their presentation, he need to make ready of all FAQs and quick tips on his ideas. Also the detail analysis or complete knowledge of his presentation could do better to achieve an conclusion. Often management will give their choices who having the complete knowledge on certain field. Also who can do things better immensely. Presentation needs to deliver the core idea, values and benefits., in short it should be understandable one who seeks  information.
Always stick on to the basic idea and what you believe, allow others to give opinion to your presentation of ideas. Analyse the opinions with the data, if required ask their permission to take some time on achieving the perfect form.
What your take on this?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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I'm a very good girl - reloaded

Hi Kids of the 90s!!!

We're pretty sure that, like us, the cult classic 'Little Soldiers' and the song 'I'm a Very Good Girl' played a huge part in your childhood!

Well, get ready to feel old!!! It's been exactly 20 years since that movie came out!!!

20 years since we first met Bunny and Sunny and Trixie the dog!

20 years since we met Gun Uncle!

20 years since the birth of Just Yellow Productions!

Well, here we have a small treat for you. 

We roped in as many people from the old gang as possible and have come up with 'Not So Little Soldiers'


P.S. - see if you can catch a couple of quick cameos from people very closely associated with the original!