Short trip to Pithapuram - Pt 1

Pithapuram, the place which is near to Kakinada. The fort which I remember long back and couple of relative house. As a kid I went there couple of times with my Mom. During early 2000 I am asked to visit Pithapuram all alone, I am nervous to visit Pithapuram, I am afraid to go there, because I don't know the language (reading) travelling from Eluru to Pithapuram I don't know how to explain. I told to my Peddamma, I can't go there!!! somehow she convinced me to go there to visit my Ammamma. I was told that, once I stopped at railway station, I need to ask "Watch mechanic Brahmam garu illu" to rickshaw-walla by the way Brahmam garu is my mavayya (brother of my mom)

Somebody given me the lift upto to Eluru Railway station from my Peddamma's house (must be Srinath Annayya)., I took a ticket in one of passenger train and went to Pithapuram. I just stopped there, quickly one gang came towards me with on one bike, "nuvvu Kumar kathu" you are Kumar rite? I just shook my head, they took my bag quickly., I barely remember them. Its like kidnapping me, bike driven by somebody, behind me there is another person. I am in middle. I am still worried and nervous. I don't know the faces., bike stopped at house.

The person who drove the vehicle asked me this is the house, you need to go inside. Don't you ever came to our home. Here he is Brahmam mavayya smiled and came outside., asked about me., I am now just shaking my head. I know Geetha attha she came to Chennai for sometime back at that time. Venku annayya who already there, said that his mom called him and told about my Pithapuram visit. Then I am in peace. He said, I can join him while returning to Eluru. Then I met my Ammamma., she sat on a table., seeing his one of his last Grand child., of course its me. Asked about me and my visit., about Mom and dad. Suddenly there are number of people., later I joined and cracking joke then went to Eluru.

Recently my Mom called from Hyderabad and said, Geetha atta was serious, she already had Heart operation in that span of time. I remembered the number of visits at Pithapuram, the affectionate calling and confusing the names with his younger son whose name also Kumar, nick name also same., Everytime we both answer her calls. But its nice., her food preparation Avakayya, phenomenal.  (to be continued)

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