Rethink before returning award

These days this is a buzz word of returning the award. First time I heard that MG Ramachandran returned Bharath Ratna award because the words are in hindi., later it has been given after his demise. Rabindranath Tagore didn’t accepted the knighthood given to him. There are writers, poets, performing artists are in spree to return their awards. There are critics to mock on returning their childhood awards to make fun of this trend.

An award is given as a recognition for individual/group achievements in a certain field; that could be provided as trophies, shields, titles, certificates, badges, pins etc., I can give most attentive reader to whomsoever reading my articles. There will be significant amount of time has been utilized or spent to give the award. When there is an only individual performer, it’s an easy task to provide an award. But if there are two or many it’s hard to findout the performer or recognize his/their talents or skills. It required lots of stats, mastery, data analysis and technology to find out the absolute winner.

Also it is really hard to judge in performing arts, artists, performances; it required experts to spend the time to provide perfect judgement. Same way it required hard work to earn the award or recognition in certain field. It brings out the encouragement to achieve something bigger. Often it inspires the individuals to excel in their fields.

When Marlon Brando returned his Oscar Award in support of native apache, there is a rave response on the letter which I believe he submitted at dais. This brought biggest impact and changed the view on native Apache in USA. As I said earlier, the gesture returning award by Rabindranath Tagore, viewed by Indians as the symbol of protest against Jalianwalla Bagh.

Award/recognition are hard earned respect and value towards the certain field. People who returning the award need to rethink again, how they earned it with respect. It will not only hurts the judges / organization which provided the award. Also the contenders who expected to achieve the recognition.

Whats your take on this!!!

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