Don't let your excitement levels down

Some people told me that they are good at their school times and not in college. Well even more people told me that they are good in other organizations and not in current one or in new organization. I use to see that people use to struggle with the new technologies. My parents use to struggle to use the new gigs, they always use to stay with their old devices.
Reading Chemistry
Some where I remembered about the Chemistry lesson, when the compounds are heated, it release the energy using light & relax with the strong bonds. I also read about Atom bomb theory which releases many energies while it exploding. 
When Indian cricket team performing, there will be sheet tankers, aggressive batsmen, middle order batsmen to start their batting innings. When initially aggressive batsmen set a stage to increase the run-rates. Statisticians observe their batting levels and predict the high score. Once their wicket fell down, normally run-rate fell down middle order batsmen try to keep up the score. End of the innings, other aggressive batsman try to increase the run-rate in short time, but often he will fail.
Keep up
The excitement which we had should be natural and it should be adhering to the situations or the people around. Remember when you are in Rome be a Roman. Be a team player, not a individual performer., understand team goals, work for its objectives. Initially team look for skills but in reality they required team player who analyses their work and complete their objectives.
Whats your take on this?

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