Life at home

To write about the life, what is our life at home, seeing from morning to evening, crashing the gate of life, the house gate was open ever mind to look at it. Morning habits and duties are organised, cleanup some cache. Starting new things, which are important at morning. You do exercise, sorry I do walking. Reading the small amounts and headlines, watching the news channel to get updated in the world. Newspaper man reminds his duty, Recycling people not coming often. Morning bells chims the poojas at next door. Though the window morning Ganapathi temple's pooja. Here he comes the vegetable person, to provide good health. Visiting at the grocery shop to fill the stomach. Oh comeon! gracious, we meet them again.

Homeless person asking from us to lead his life. Sympathy also a great tool and often human wants some body below him to look him out. Diet food, computer, gadgets, technology what not, because we are such a super human. Again I am hungry, timely food leads good health. Ah! what is this, this is not what we expected. Go to kitchen arrange some snacks, holiday its holiday cook something. Never pass the basics, these basics will help you lot. What is around you will not be taken by all whole time, might be technology will gives to you. Good that you know in this era. You need to buy many things, more than that clean at least some things.

Stories that we hear influencing, leave something and live happy forever.
Don't think too much maa!, I am here. Hello World! though I am not a Superman, I am ready for my supper man. Thinking often makes me angry then hungry. Oh god! why you let us live like this. To be precise what is healthier is thinking. Gaining from others experience and what we understood in contemporary. Cross over the hurdles, build the things, show the love, wander somewhere, thank to god for the beautiful things in our life.

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