Karl Marx - Part 6 - The Holy Family - Pt2

He claimed that man's essential needs to be fulfilled like Air, water, food, clothing and shelter. He said the talents like arts should low to the level of society. Every person in the society should treated equal. He provided many facts from the book of “Wealth of nations” which was written by Adam Smith. Talents should be measured from the exchange-value of its products. Questioning the mysteries and mocking it, mysticism and criticized to know its depth. 

He criticized the mass and spirit, which people needs to believe the existing in real world.. The real history should be known to the mankind. Self-consciousness and truth should be prevailed to human beings.

Marx said that “French Revolution was an experiment at eighteenth Century”. It outcomes are truth, clear conscience, self examination, knowledge of political system, outcome of ideas, clearing the barriers of people life etc., He compared human life into atom, which is self-sufficient the vacuum outside attached to it are imaginative or superstitious. 

While criticizing the french political materialism he made a comment on religion and theology which are against the human metaphysics. Criticism will be the instrument to get the pure thought which have the finite material covers the infinite self-consciousness.

Nature covers the man's nature, the domains of his feelings, willing to express are got many forms in the world. Human cannot be taught in the single way, criticism makes him awake in the room of dark, let him enlighten with the way of knowledge and brighten him up with the self-consciousness. The orthodoxy religion and theology made him backward so that he can follow the old rules and becoming undeveloped. The self-realization, thinking, creativity which he lost with the old dogmas.  

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