Karl Marx – 8 – The German Ideology Pt1

Lets revolt against the godly thoughts and imaginations. If we are accepted the new innovations and start thinking above religion how fast we could be, and achievements will be better and better day by day. Industrialists and empires are always think about their share in the business. In Germany the production was spoiled, poor quality, adulteration of raw materials, falsification of labels, fictitious purchases, bill jobbing and credit system diminished the market. Now competition is a bitter struggle and its worsening the results and achievements.

Their belief to universal matters are lower and exchanging ideas are prohibited. They believed their old dogmas and ideologies. First man have to find himself in nature. He need to find Geological, hydro-graphical, climate and so on. New history to be written on natural basis. Individuals and their nature are depends on what they produce. So, the production methodologies should be recorded and documented. Labors should be taught about the methodologies to increase the quality and quantity of the production.

Social power to the human will provide the multiplied force. The united co-operation gives the various ideas of their field of work. Marx introduced the term of civil society, in which he believes that Civil society embrace the productive forces. It will have all in one place to provide all the needs.
We also think about the machines which deprives countless workers of bread in India. Indigo revolution brought in India due to British forced Indian labors to plant and cultivate the similar crop, to increase their production, but Indigo growing states suffered lot due to non-availability of food crops on their lands. This happened because these ideas didn't came from self-consciousness & mental criticism.

You can't give the steam engine, spinning-jenny without providing the good agricultural systems to people. The real mean of employment doesn't satisfies its core meaning without feeding the poor or unemployed. General people in the living society are to be assured with the self-sufficient lands, agricultural products, drinking water, housing and clothing. Without these whatever the innovations which we will be providing will go for vain.  

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