Innovations, ideas and dreams

At the end of the day, everybody thinking about the customer satisfaction. Is it true, yes it is damn true. What kind of customer satisfaction, is it the freebies, is it the small gift which you give additionally or is it the after sales service. Innovations for providing the customer satisfaction, basically provides the value to the customer.

The value started from the exchange value, when the hunter hunting the deer, he is given money for the exchange of his hunted products. Additionally, the unique products which we are providing to the customer and valuing for their lives are not only creating the brand also creates the value to the product. Apple Ex CEO Jobs made feel good concept on his products in iPods, iPads and iPhones. So, we can touch the volume button, select the songs, touch the number look and feel was damn awesome.

What else this world is required, still look and feel or something more. To make our life comfortable, big industries, scientists are trying to do many things. Innovations which are unique and fast forwarding the life are getting acknowledged and had its own luck. What can be the thought, what can be the new innovation, what is existing, what will survive, where we can fit in? These are the questions often arrive to our generation. Our generation got rapid development, in the name of Internet speed, Mobile to smartphones, smart cities etc.,

Where we are driving through, what can be our new dream, now the gadgets are even more personalized, often touching our emotions, what role we are going to play, all the fields are developing rapidly, each fields and departments helping one another to develop their products and their respective fields. Implementing such ideas and providing good customer satisfaction aren't new are so easy to the people. Everybody having their own emotions, feelings, ideas about themselves and owning products. To dealing with what can be done, will be psychology, reverse the ideas or even more. What could be our next product, I can't wait still.

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