Colors, Dance, Festival - Kannada Rajyotsava

With so much joy we celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava. Since we are the volunteers, all these years (past 3 years :)) we don't have much time for seeing the programs as spectator. This time, I saw folk dance at the same time arranging the path for the vehicles. The person who given a performance, on his head there are tall bamboo poles integrated with colorful ribbons and flowers. The dancer balanced it very well and danced according to the fast paced music.

Whatever the western music impulsed in our nerves, we still liked the cultural music. The dance and fast paced music ended near to the stage. We had Mimicry Dayanand, who performed very well and staged mimicry performance like Dr. Rajkumar, Ambareesh, Vishnuvardhan, Srinath, etc., I watched his performance briefly. Then the stage all set for Yakshagana, this is the first time I am watching Yakshagana. The huge desk kept on the stage covered with the white cloth. The brief introduction made about Yakshagana. The person who came sat on the table had a kanduva on right side of shoulder, had natuvaangam in his hand and mic nearby. The other two persons had ching (idiophone) and mridangam. At last the person came with Chendai, which has two sticks provide huge sound.

I am into different world now, it started, the person who had a nattuvangam and mic was provided with the bottle of water. "Thadarinaaa..." he just adjusted his voice, then he started again. "Thathagida thathagida, thithim thagida" along with him Ching and Mridangam started. Chendai finished that raaga. Often Chendai person answering the questions, exclamating etc., The women in a cultural dress, entered into the stage she came into the stage from behind, where the voice and music started. She came forward and danced for a while. Her movements are along with the music, her shoulders, hands, legs, given the movement at the same time. Unlike bharathanatyam, it has movements of eyes and bhavanas more. This has much difference, She started narrating the story, "I had a boon from brahma, same boon to be applied for my child too., I need to do the prayers in forest, but I am a girl and that too beautiful girl, what can I do?". I got a call from my mobile phone, I picked the call, "Jonny come immediately".

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