PDCA - Deming's Cycle

In 1950s Deming proposed the plan of PDCA which has been found by his guru and mentor Shewak. Plan Do Check Act called as Deming's cycle and Shewak's cycle. This is introduced based on changing customer/stake holder's requirements. The continuous cycle should be evolved to get the feed back from the customer/consumer to provide the interesting end product.

Where do we use this?

This can be used as a model of continuous improvement
In new improvement projects
If your project, process, product/service to be developed
Prioritizing the issues and root causes
If you find the changes to be executed

How can we use this?

Getting the requirements, analyzing, planning, completing the process, inspecting & checking the outcome and implementing are the important points of Deming's cycle.

Plan: Understand and recognize the plan of change
Do: Modelling the idea, conceptualize with brief summary
Check: Inspect the model, review it thoroughly.
Act: This is the important step, analyze the other three steps before executing this step. Implement the outcome of those steps into this. This step will be model for product/service, project or process.

Often in Act step, the corrective action will take place. 

PDCA cycle provided a breakthrough in quality systems. Six Sigma, TQM are some of the recognized studies accepted PDCA as a improvement system.

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